A Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) Trading

Tribal Capital Markets’ longstanding relationships help us serve the needs of our clients in the diverse area of mortgage-backed securities. We will work with you to find the solutions that will enhance your overall portfolio returns. Our staff has extensive modeling, structuring and trading expertise that should provide you with investment solutions that fit your portfolio needs.  We will strive to uncover the market opportunity that works for you!

At TCM, our comprehensive Mortgage Backed trading and investing capabilities can serve clients with duration requirements, cash flow needs and specific yield/risk targets.

Tribal Capital Markets is engaged in trading and structuring in the following mortgage related products:


  • Fixed and Variable Rate CMO's
  • CMO Derivatives
  • GNMA Multi Family
  • Specified Pools
  • DUS Paper
  • Hybrid ARM's


  • Prime/Alt-A/Subprime
    • Hybrids/Fixed
    • Derivatives
  • Consumer ABS
    • Home Equity ABS
    • Whole Loans
    • CDO/CLO


  • Conduit
  • CMBS Derivatives
  • Agency Multi-Family
For more information, please contact our MBS trading team at 212-480-5700.